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VIOLET - For Love, Faithfulness & Affection


Violets have had a long and celebrated place in the culture and science of civilisations since the ancient Greeks. It was long used as a pain relief because of the presence of salicylic acid, the chief ingredient in aspirin. The violet is the official flower of February, and the true Valentine flower. Legend has it, that when St Valentine was imprisoned he crushed the violets growing outside his cell to make ink which he used to write messages to his lover. Violets are useful in love spells and may be carried as an amulet to increase luck in love. It is said that if you dream of violets, your life is about to change for the better. They are considered a good luck gift to any woman, in any season, and it’s believed that if you harvest the first violet of Spring, your dearest wish will be granted.

Our hallmarked sterling silver flower charms are cast from a real flower and each piece includes a card detailing its botanical folklore and floriography, you can choose your meaning from the drop down menu.

Plating is available in 9ct Gold and 18ct Rose Gold. Plated pieces will not be hallmarked.

Available as a charm only or choose one of our accessories here.

Charms will be attached to your selected accessory as standard. If you would like to attach them to an existing bracelet, we're happy to do this for you. For this complimentary service, contact us here.

  • Size - 17mm 
  • Weight - Approx 2.5 grams

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practice of attributing meanings & symbolism to flowers & has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.