About Us

Karen & Ben - Flower & Fable


We are Karen & Ben Lambert, artisan jewellers, working together from our workshop in beautiful Snowdonia.

Karen is the creative energy behind design, working with real flowers to create pieces using a mixture of traditional and specifically developed techniques…

“For me, using real flowers somehow captures their spirit, it’s important to the energy of the piece, and is symbolic in creating an amulet or talisman.”

You can find out more about her inspiration here.

We believe that jewellery should feel like a gift, whether for yourself or for someone else, so it should be beautifully packaged. From eco-packaging and hand dyed bamboo silk ribbons, to our seasonal, scented dried flower posy, we love attention to detail, and for Karen, it's a favourite part of the process.

Our planet is important to us, as are its people, so as well as our packaging, we use fair trade and recycled silver, sourcing our raw materials as close to home as possible. We work closely with our foundry based at the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, and our chain is made by a family run business in Shropshire.

Our jewellery is for those who like things a little less obvious, the soulful, the magical and the proudly sentimental, it’s multi-generational and that’s the way we like it. We really love our job and are honoured to be trusted with your messages of love, joy, hope, and loss, and are so aware of the huge privilege that is.