Under the 1973 Hallmarking act it is a legal requirement for silver weighing over 7.78g to have a UK recognised hallmark from one of the UK’s 4 Assay Offices. A hallmark is a set of official marks struck on items made of metal, to certify the content of precious metals.

The quality of our silver is important to us and we are proud to have our work assayed at the Birmingham Assay Office, established in 1773, and situated in the famous Jewellery Quarter. Our hallmark consists of 6 marks;

  • Our Unique Flower & Fable Mark
  • Common Control Mark
  • Millesimal Fineness Mark
  • The Birmingham Assay Office Mark
  • Traditional Fineness Mark
  • Date Letter Mark

All our eligible jewellery carries our unique hallmark (items exempt by weight <7.78 grams), so you can be assured that you are buying a genuine accredited piece.

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