I have always loved flowers, making tiny bouquets, perfume and pressings as a child, we are a family of preservers, or maybe just romantics...

My interest in floriography began with a single primrose pressed in my Grandfather’s diary. Found years later, it was a memento of an early date with my Grandmother. The ‘new love’ meaning was fitting and romantic.

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practise of attributing meanings and symbolism to flowers (largely through folklore), and has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years. It was brought to Britain in 1717 by Mary Wortley (Lady Montagu), but was most popular during the Victorian era as a coded way for people to express their otherwise unspeakable feelings. Gifts of specific plants and floral arrangements would be exchanged as ‘talking bouquets’ and would be worn or carried as fashion accessories.

My love of vintage and antique jewellery, of sovereigns, t-bars, ingots and charm bracelets is a huge inspiration to me. So when I thought about creating Flower & Fable, connecting floriography and jewellery like the Victorians had before me, I knew shapes had to be simple and timeless. I use coins, bars and ovals, to create my charms, to celebrate the beauty of a natural flower, and be at home in any era. 

Karen x