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SWEET PEA - For Gratitude, Tenderness & Farewell


The sweet pea is native to Italy and the Aegean, but was cultivated in England by Henry Eckford specifically for the garden trade during the Victorian era. In 1901, Silas Cole, the head gardener to the then Earl Spencer, discovered a natural mutation with increased fragrance and huge frilly petals more reminiscent of today’s flowers and named it ‘Countess Spencer.’ Widely regarded as the birth flower of April, they are considered lucky and linked to St Patrick’s Day. It is believed that if you plant sweet pea seeds before the sun rises on this particular day, you will be granted both luck and an abundance of extra fragrant flowers. In France, the sweet pea is believed to be a good omen for a bride, encouraging those around her to be truthful and give her strength and persistence.

Our hallmarked sterling silver flower charms are cast from a real flower and each piece includes a card detailing its botanical folklore and floriography, you can choose your meaning from the drop down menu. If you select 'other combination' please add a note in 'Special Instructions' in the cart, with your chosen meanings.

Plating is available in 24ct Gold. 

Available as a charm only or choose one of our accessories here.

Charms will be attached to your selected accessory as standard. If you would like to attach them to an existing bracelet, we're happy to do this for you. For this complimentary service, contact us here.

  • Size - 17mm 
  • Weight - Approx 4 grams

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practice of attributing meanings & symbolism to flowers & has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.