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FERN - For Magic, Enchantment, Confidence, Sincerity & Shelter


The fern has always had a place in European folklore as a mysterious plant with special powers. Fern-fever (pteridomania) is a term for the Victorian craze of fern collecting. Considered a British eccentricity, it was a fashionable hobby where enthusiasts hosted overnight expeditions to collect rare species in the belief they boosted their love life. Confusion over how ferns reproduced led to the belief throughout Europe that possession of a fern seed would grant invisibility, and that the magical plants only produced a single, spectacular flower holding the seed, once a year, at midnight on Mid Summer’s eve. Legend has it that should you find yourself surrounded by ferns at midnight and no sound can be heard, the fairy Puck will appear and give you a purse of gold. Tread carefully though, for should you step on a fern, you will become lost and confused, possibly wandering into Fairyland, never to be seen again.

Our petite sentiment charms are made with real flowers in sterling silver, using the traditional technique of lost wax casting. They are beautifully packaged with our signature box posy which changes with the seasons, a postcard detailing the botanical folklore and floriography of each piece, and a gift card for a personal message.

If you find that not all the sentiments are appropriate, you can personalise your presentation by choosing from the drop down menu. If you select 'other combination' please add a note in 'Special Instructions' in the cart.

  • Size - 15 x 9mm
  • Weight - Approx 1.5 grams
  • 24ct Gold plating available
  • Available as a charm only or select from one of our accessories here

Charms will be attached to your selected accessory as standard. If you would like to attach them to an existing bracelet, we're happy to do this for you. For this complimentary service, contact us here.

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practice of attributing meanings & symbolism to flowers & has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.