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BLACKTHORN - For Fate, Hope, Protection & Good Fortune


Blackthorn today has a negative and sinister reputation, possibly due to being so important to Pagans and therefore entrenched in Celtic folklore. But original beliefs were that blackthorn was a force for protection and hope against adversity. Blackthorn has such a powerful magick that a tribe of fairy guardians protect the trees from human disturbance and witches use the wood for wands. Carry a blackthorn leaf, flower or berry charm to attract the powers of good fortune.

Our sterling silver signet rings are cast from a real flower and each piece includes a postcard detailing its botanical folklore and floriography, you can choose your meaning from the drop down menu. 

Plating is available in 9ct Gold and 18ct Rose Gold. 

Available in sizes J to T.
  • Width at widest point - 13mm 
  • Weight - 2 - 3 grams depending on size

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practice of attributing meanings & symbolism to flowers & has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.