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Our selection of sterling silver accessories to compliment your piece.
Create Your Own Personalised Charm Bracelet

Create Your Own Sentiment Combination

Create a personal and meaningful story by combining our flower sentiment charms.
LILY OF THE VALLEY Charm- For Sweetness, Humility, Trust or Happiness - Flower & Fable


Some of our most popular pieces.
Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sweet Pea Charm

Flower Sentiment Charms

Hallmarked sterling silver charms cast from real flowers. 
Blackthorn Ring

Flower Sentiment Rings

Sterling silver unisex signet rings cast from real flowers.
Thistle Pendant

Large Flower Sentiment Pendants

Sterling silver pendants cast from real flowers.
GREAT THINGS - Bar Pendant - Flower & Fable

Message Ensembles

Our hallmarked sterling silver message ensembles combine 3 flower sentiments to tell a story. 
Thyme Charm Necklace

Petite Flower Sentiment Charms

Sterling silver charms cast from real flowers.