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THISTLE - For Endurance, Unity & Victory


Thistle has long been the floral emblem of Scotland, an association folklore has it, that was forged by the invading viking hordes in the 11th century. Upon landing on a beach covered in the thorny plant, their cries of pain awoke the Scottish locals who were able to repel the invaders. Thistles appeared on coins minted in 1470 during the reign of James III, and by the early 16th century it had become a symbol of the Scottish royal family. In medieval times, it was used as a cure for headaches, vertigo and jaundice as well for returning hair to bald heads. It is believed that to dream of a thistle, warns of impending trouble and cutting it down before Midsummer will bring bad luck.

Our sterling silver pendants are cast from a real flower and each piece includes a postcard detailing its botanical folklore and floriography.

Plating is available in 9ct Gold and 18ct Rose Gold.

Available as a pendant only or choose one of our necklace chains here.

  • Size - 26mm x 20mm
  • Weight - Approx 3 grams

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is the practice of attributing meanings & symbolism to flowers & has been recorded in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.